Think about the Alternative office space strategy

Think about the Alternative office space strategy

When it’s time to start turning your business ideas into reality, one of the first costs is always office space. Just imagine how many business owners start their journey Googling “office space for rent near me” or “leasing space near me”. They look for private office space, office suites for rent and end up searching through listings that usually look very dull and unappealing, even though the advertising script uses lots of nice phrases such as “ perfectly positioned”.

Looking for the right office space for a new business can be exhausting. You want somewhere close to transport that’s safe with a good business reputation. Searching for “cheap office space for rent” will most times just be really depressing, its hard to keep your business passion firing in a small grubby office without natural light on a boring backstreet. You need to have an office space that doesn’t dishearten you, especially if you expect to have employees commuting to your office.

Office rental in Sydney or Melbourne or the other big Australian capital cities doesn’t need to be a decision between choosing a frugal dump that depresses you or a fancy palatial office suite for rent that looks great but causes you sleepless nights just worrying about making the HIGH monthly lease payments.

There is a better way. It’s all a matter of priorities.

The main reason you are starting a small business is because you have a passion. Number one focus is always the product or the service your firm is selling.

Don’t get interrupted and side-tracked by all the other “stuff” about managing a business like trying to find the perfect office suite for rent and buying the furniture and hanging art work on the walls and leasing pot-plants - none of that has anything to do with selling your product! Your online customers don’t care at all about the colour of the office carpet!

Why follow the traditional 20th century office lease narrative when the commercial world is constantly changing and disrupting convention in every market and industry?

Do you know about the Alternative?

  • You can have a functional and stylish fit-for-purpose modern office space without having to pay for everything yourself. Forget paying for utilities and an ISP and arguing with the landlord about who pays for fixing roof leaks and security. Forget the monthly shop by your staff for teabags and sugar and paper towels and toilet paper and all the little incidentals. Imagine if all these housekeeping chores were the responsibilities of someone else and you can just get on with business?

  • And why should you have to sign a long term minimum 2 year lease for an office space in these strange days of Covid? What you really need is flexibility - a temporary office space, somewhere to strategise with your key staff about the next steps, instead of getting locked in with a contract full of opaque clauses that go on and on.

Think about your office space priorities:

1/ Close to transport

2/ Modern office suites that your staff would be happy to visit

3/ Cost-effective

4/ Without an extended long-term lease

5/ Ready to occupy asap.

You can get everything you need by thinking outside the box.

The Alternative is a Serviced Office.

A Serviced office is simply a private office space that takes care of all the mundane administrative and housekeeping responsibilities. We offer:

  • Stylish modern office suites with new furnishings

  • A locked office space with your business name on the door.

  • An office suite that’s regularly cleaned and professionally maintained.

  • A private office with high speed secure internet

  • Dedicated copying, scanning and binding facilities on site on the same floor.

  • Spacious work stations and ergonomic office chairs.

  • Plenty of natural light.

  • The highest quality filtered air-conditioning and high-tech lighting.

  • Subscribe to your own space from a short term 6 months to whenever.

  • Our Australian capital city CBD serviced offices are all high floor, offering spectacular city views. We have serviced offices in Melbourne, serviced offices in Perth, Brisbane serviced offices, serviced offices in Hobart and in every other major city in Australia.

  • Meeting rooms and conferencing facilities available on a pay as you need basis with the very latest in audio-visual technology.

  • One monthly fee covers everything.

  • Chic and perfectly designed kitchen and break-out meeting spaces on the same floor just a stroll from your office space.

  • Pricing that is more than cost-effective compared to doing it all yourself

Phew. That’s quite a list of features.

So many modern business owners are seeing the benefits of a Serviced Office. It’s so much easier is to get your new business off the ground. Don’t Google “Office rentals near me” and give all your start up finances to a landlord and Officeworks. Just search for Serviced offices in Melbourne or Sydney Serviced Office or any other of the major capitals in Australia and you’ll find the Serviced Office Directory link, we have such great locations to choose from. Come and talk to us.

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